“Estoy hambriento.”

“J’aimerais voir un ours panda s’il vous plaît .”

“Vorrei un bicchiere di vino per favore.”

“Write a function which takes in numbers num1 and num2 and returns 1 if there is a straight triple of a number at any place in num1 and also a straight double of the same number in num2.”

These are all foreign languages to me. When I decided to learn to do be a website developer, I didn’t even know how to access the terminal on my computer. I certainly didn’t know what the heck a text editor was, and github, DOM, bootstrap, and printVal() meant nothing to me. And yet, after 8 short week, I’m (sorta) getting the hang of this foreign language.

At the beginning I really felt like I was entering a cult - with a special handshake - and a secret code (pun intented!) This experience reminded me of when I started doing Crossfit training. WOD’s, and EMOM’s, AMRAP’s, and muscle-ups - what the what?!!

But just like I learned what a burpee box-jump was in Crossfit, I am beginning to learn the foreign language of coders. While I still have a long way to go… my mentor asked me to open my text editor the other day and I though he meant MS Word - sigh… But I am persevering and learning and determined to conquer my foreign language demons.