I love Jesus, my dogs, my shoes, and Diet Coke - in that order. I love to eat out, work out, and get the most out of life. My strengths are my passion and my drive. My weaknesses are my passion and my drive. I have been called “spitfire,” and “spark plug,” People tell me that I burn bright and use the phrase “when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” But the most accurate and succinct thing someone once said about me is that I am “straightforward and full of grace.” I hope you find that to be true.

I am a marketing and business major who decided after 20+ years of working in marketing and business administration that I wanted to learn something new and exciting. I also want to work from home in my pajamas. So website development it is.

I feel I bring a unique perspective in not only having marketing, design, and branding experience, but now I am able to couple that experience into creating dynamic, inspiring, and effective websites and application.